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Gold Price Today 2023 in India

Get gold price today in India with 14K, 18K, 20K, 22K and 24K gold rate per 1 gram, 10 gram and 100 gram across major states. Gold Rates are updated daily from authentic sources so subscribing to free alert is recommended for daily rates including trend of price changes in the gold market.

₹ 61,070

24 Carat Gold Rate (10 grams)

₹ 55,940

22 Carat Gold Rate (10 grams)

As on May 16, 20231 gram8 grams10 grams100 grams
24 Carat Gold₹6,130₹49,040₹61,300₹6,13,000
22 Carat Gold₹5,780₹46,240₹57,800₹5,78,000
* These gold rates are indicative and excludes GST etc. For exact rates contact your local jeweller.

Gold Rate Today in India

Latest and updated Gold Price today in India with authentic rate update sourced from reputed jewellers in the country. The following table lists the current Gold Rates for 24 Carat 1/8/10 and 100 Grams rate & 22 Carat 1/8/10 and 100 Grams rate across major cities of India including Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Jaipur, Lucknow, Surat, Nagpur, Patna, Chandigarh and other. Gold Rates in other major cities are derived from the prices & rates in these cities.

Gold Price in India Today 2023

Gold Rate in Different Cities / States in India

Standard Gold (22 Carat)Pure Gold (24 Carat)
City Name1 gram8 grams1 gram8 grams
Gold Rate in Ahmedabad₹5,747₹45,976₹6,094₹48,752
Gold Rate in Delhi₹5,933₹47,464₹6,295₹50,360
Gold Rate in Chandigarh₹6,008₹48,064₹6,379₹51,032
Gold Rate in Mumbai₹5,913₹47,304₹6,276₹50,208
Gold Rate in Pune₹5,828₹46,624₹6,180₹49,440
Gold Rate in Kolkata₹5,958₹47,664₹6,321₹50,568
Gold Rate in Ranchi₹5,823₹46,584₹6,178₹49,424
Gold Rate in Jaipur₹5,792₹46,336₹6,146₹49,168
Gold Rate in Hyderabad₹5,783₹46,264₹6,127₹49,016
Gold Rate in Chennai₹5,799₹46,392₹6,149₹49,192
Gold Rate in Bangalore₹5,753₹46,024₹6,101₹48,808
Gold Rate in Kerala₹5,757₹46,056₹6,110₹48,880
Gold Rate in Trivandrum₹5,760₹46,080₹6,111₹48,888
Gold Rate in Coimbatore₹5,661₹45,288₹6,143₹49,144
Gold Rate in Vijayawada₹5,691₹45,528₹6,103₹48,824
Gold Rate in Vizag₹5,760₹46,080₹6,233₹49,864
Gold Rate in Patna₹5,853₹46,824₹6,250₹50,000
Gold Rate in Kochi₹5,641₹45,128₹6,117₹48,936
Gold Rate in Surat₹5,636₹45,088₹6,107₹48,856
Gold Rate in Noida₹5,601₹44,808₹6,096₹48,768
Gold Rate in Bhubaneswar₹5,682₹45,456₹6,128₹49,024
Gold Rate in Lucknow₹5,652₹45,216₹6,113₹48,904
Gold Rate in Kanpur₹5,646₹45,168₹6,113₹48,904
Gold Rate in Madurai₹5,826₹46,608₹6,239₹49,912
Gold Rate in Mangalore₹5,668₹45,344₹6,117₹48,936
Gold Rate in Mysore₹5,614₹44,912₹6,106₹48,848
Gold Rate in Nashik₹5,686₹45,488₹6,141₹49,128
Gold Rate in Vadodara₹5,906₹47,248₹6,266₹50,128
Gold Rate in Ghaziabad₹5,887₹47,096₹6,198₹49,584
Gold Rate in Jamshedpur₹6,025₹48,200₹6,322₹50,576
Gold Rate in Visakhapatnam₹5,628₹45,024₹6,116₹48,928
Gold Rate in Thrissur₹5,681₹45,448₹6,134₹49,072
Gold Rate in Srinagar₹5,688₹45,504₹6,143₹49,144
Gold Rate in Dehradun₹5,643₹45,144₹6,103₹48,824
Gold Rate in Bhopal₹5,664₹45,312₹6,118₹48,944
Gold Rate in Goa₹5,659₹45,272₹6,113₹48,904
Gold Rate in Maharashtra₹5,651₹45,208₹6,135₹49,080
Gold Rate in Odisha₹5,649₹45,192₹6,122₹48,976
Gold Rate in Bihar₹5,858₹46,864₹6,226₹49,808
Gold Rate in Gujarat₹5,652₹45,216₹6,110₹48,880
Gold Rate in Rajasthan₹5,883₹47,064₹6,245₹49,960
Gold Rate in Andhra Pradesh₹5,734₹45,872₹6,176₹49,408
Gold Rate in Jharkhand₹5,985₹47,880₹6,386₹51,088
Gold Rate in Telangana₹5,721₹45,768₹6,139₹49,112
Gold Rate in West Bengal₹6,114₹48,912₹6,375₹51,000
Gold Rate in Puducherry₹5,647₹45,176₹6,131₹49,048
Gold Rate in Haryana₹5,761₹46,088₹6,152₹49,216
Gold Rate in Punjab₹5,668₹45,344₹6,131₹49,048
Gold Rate in Uttar Pradesh₹5,612₹44,896₹6,102₹48,816
Gold Rate in Uttarakhand₹5,684₹45,472₹6,167₹49,336
Gold Rate in Assam₹5,695₹45,560₹6,151₹49,208
Gold Rate in Karnataka₹5,643₹45,144₹6,133₹49,064

Gold rate for last 10 days

Date22 Carat Price24 Carat Price
May 16, 2023₹5,780-1.56%₹6,130-1.54%
May 15, 2023₹5,8720.56%₹6,2260.42%
May 14, 2023₹5,839-0.52%₹6,200-0.30%
May 13, 2023₹5,839-0.52%₹6,200-0.30%
May 12, 2023₹5,839-0.52%₹6,200-0.30%
May 11, 2023₹5,869-0.37%₹6,219-0.40%
May 11, 2023₹5,869-0.37%₹6,219-0.40%
May 11, 2023₹5,869-0.37%₹6,219-0.40%
May 10, 2023₹5,8911.89%₹6,2441.83%
May 10, 2023₹5,8911.89%₹6,2441.83%
May 10, 2023₹5,8911.89%₹6,2441.83%
May 09, 2023₹5,851-0.08%₹6,201-0.17%

Gold Price Guide

gold price today in india

Gold Spot Price vs INR in International Gold Market – LIVE Chart

Here’s the snapshot of daily updated price of Gold in India. This chart is updated each time the prices change reflecting current rate and trend of price changes in the Gold market.

Gold Spot Price vs USD in International Gold Market – LIVE Chart

Here’s the real-time gold chart updated in real time across World markets. The graph shows minute-by-minute changing rate/price of Gold in USD. However, please note that the prices in India change daily and are updated only once every day across the market in major cities of India.

Month-wise gold rate trend for 22 Carat

MonthStart Price
(per gram)
End Price
(per gram)
(per gram)
Average Price
(per gram)
April 23₹5,681₹5,655₹-26-0.46%₹5,731
March 23₹5,305₹5,681₹3767.09%₹5,497
February 23₹5,504₹5,260₹-244-4.44%₹5,432
January 23₹5,181₹5,378₹1973.80%₹5,377
December 22₹5,085₹5,231₹1462.86%₹5,167
November 22₹4,805₹5,066₹2615.44%₹4,985
October 22₹4,809₹4,770₹-39-0.81%₹4,838
September 22₹4,850₹4,809₹-41-0.84%₹4,795
August 22₹5,015₹4,883₹-132-2.64%₹4,981
July 22₹4,911₹4,926₹150.30%₹4,897
June 22₹4,876₹4,849₹-27-0.55%₹4,898
May 22₹4,981₹4,856₹-125-2.51%₹4,893

Month-wise gold rate trend for 24 Carat

MonthStart Price
(per gram)
End Price
(per gram)
(per gram)
Average Price
(per gram)
April 23₹6,018₹5,993₹-24-0.40%₹6,075
March 23₹5,606₹6,018₹4117.33%₹5,819
February 23₹5,831₹5,562₹-270-4.62%₹5,747
January 23₹5,471₹5,683₹2123.88%₹5,689
December 22₹5,367₹5,521₹1542.88%₹5,459
November 22₹5,065₹5,354₹2895.71%₹5,261
October 22₹5,069₹5,024₹-45-0.88%₹5,101
September 22₹5,120₹5,069₹-51-1.00%₹5,055
August 22₹5,291₹5,145₹-145-2.75%₹5,256
July 22₹5,181₹5,202₹200.39%₹5,166
June 22₹5,150₹5,108₹-41-0.80%₹5,167
May 22₹5,251₹5,127₹-125-2.37%₹5,161

Importance of gold

Gold is the most popular among the precious metals. Not only as an investment investors purchase gold to decrease the risk. Gold like any other market is volatile and speculative. However, when you compare it with other metals, it is the safest and effective investment worldwide. 

Though the metal can be found abundantly, it cannot be produced by everyone and is also quite rare. It does not corrode easily and hence has great value. It is due to this reason that humans are so attracted to this metal. Different societies across the period have laid great emphasis on the value of gold.

Difference between 24 Karat and 22 Karat Gold Prices

24 Karat Gold22 Karat Gold
It has no trace of other metalMarketable in jewellery or decorative form
Known as 99.95 pure goldNot 100% pure gold, up to 92% is pure gold and remaining part is preservative metals such as zinc, silver or other metals.
Slightly expensive than the otherIt is cheaper than 24 karat gold with less weight
It offers guaranteed resell globally due to liquidity of gold and extreme demand

Gold colour is pure yellow and untainted
The colour of gold is changeable by mixing other metals like alloy
It cannot be used directly in making ornaments or jewelleryThough it is best for jewellery making but not recommended for diamond or gemstone studded jewellery.
Not bendable in its original and pure formIt can be easily shaped into jewellery.

What affects the price of gold in India?

The price of gold fluctuates in the market due to a combination of different economic, social, and even political factors. While some of the factors are known to all, there are many others which many of us are not aware of. Some of the important factors which impact the price of gold are as follows.

Consumption demand

The demand for gold is interlinked with the tradition and culture of humans. According to a study done by the World Gold Council, it has been found that many Indian consumers see gold both as a good source of investment and also as an adornment. The research shows that a high number of people cited the safe investment factor for purchasing gold. There are many festivals in India like Dhanteras when purchasing gold is considered to be auspicious. As a result, a good number of people flock to the jewelry shops to get gold jewelry according to their budget. It has been seen that during festival times, there is a growing demand for gold in the Indian markets. 

 Protects against volatility

Consumers purchase gold to protect their investment from uncertainty and volatility. This is present in the other markets too. However gold is safer than the other investments. Other assets may lose the value, but the value of gold never depreciates. Most people invest in gold whether it is inflation or recession. 

Inflation and Gold rate

When there is inflation, the currency value goes down and people hold on to the money in the form of gold. When inflation is spread over a longer period, gold is a tool against inflation. This leads to high gold prices as more people opt to buy gold and maintain their economic stability.

Gold Price and interest rates

Economic experts feel thatwhen the economy is runningproperly, there is a negative relation between the interest rates and gold. When the economy is strong, gold is used as a protection against inflation. When the rates increase, investors opt for fixed investments, unlike gold which does not promise such returns. 

 Good monsoon

The rural economy plays an important role in the price of gold. The rural economy depends on the rains. The consumption of gold in India is about 850 tonnes and the rural economy contributes to about 60 percent. If the crop is good, then the farmers will be able to buy gold from the earnings. If the rains are deficient, the farmers will sell the gold to get funds. 

Impact of the rupee-dollar equation

Indian gold rates are greatly affected by the rupee-dollar equation. However, this does not affect the worldwide prices of gold. When the price of rupee is less than the dollar, gold prices will go up. Gold is imported from outside. So when the value of the rupee goes down, the demand for gold also goes down. 

 Correlation with other asset classes

When shares fall in value, gold price increases. This happens because volatility in the micro and macro economy may affect the fixed investments but it does not affect gold. As a result, economists believe that gold is an effective investment. Though there is a low correlation during normal times, an inverse correlation develops during volatile times. 

Geopolitical factors

When there are geopolitical problems like wars, it harms asset prices. However, even during such grave times, there is an increase in the gold price as it is a haven for investing for money. There may be a decrease in the value of the paper currency but the value of gold as an investment does not depreciate. Instead, it increases during such times. 

 Weakening dollar vs Gold rates

There is an inverse relationship between the dollar and gold. If there is any decrease in the price of the dollar, gold prices go up and vice versa. When there is a fall in the dollar prices, then the other currencies increase in value. When dollar prices fall, the investors start to look for other investment options. And it is then that they opt for gold as the safest investment. 

Future gold demand

Estimates made worldwide show that 1000 tonnes of gold will be the global demand in the coming times. This demand is more than the supply. Most of the gold is recycled as there is no new mining capacity. This could lead to an increase in the price of gold. 

Gold as commodity

Gold since times immemorial has been used in different applications and industries. Since it is ductile and malleable, it performed extremely well in different industries. Since it is biocompatible, gold has been used in dentistry and medicine. The demand for gold globally is based on four categories namely technology, jewelry, central bank reserves, and investment. 

Gold as investment

Once you mine gold, it will remain in the world. It does not end like the other things like food grains or oil or gas. It can be turned into jewelry, can be stored in lockers, and can be used in medicines and several other uses. One can buy gold and keep it for future uses. The value of gold is never low and hence investing your money in purchasing gold is a good way to keep your money safe. 

gold price and gold rate today in India

Gold as jewelry

In different cultures all over the world, gold has been used to make different kinds of jewelry since times immemorial. It is durable, malleable, and ductile and hence one can give different shapes to the metal to make attractive jewelry. There are two types of gold available-white gold and yellow gold. While yellow gold is popular in several countries, there is a growing demand for white gold too in different countries all over the world. 

Gold is one of the precious metals which has retained its charm and value even after so many years. Value of Gold therefore will continue to be held in high esteem as a good investment in the future too. 

Also check Silver Rates in India & today’s rate in major markets.

This page contains Latest rates of Gold. Gold is a stable chemical element with a high level of electrical conductivity and decomposing resistance. It is considered a fundamental industrial commodity used for the production of jewelry, electronics, computers, and more. The Gold rates are updated daily as it changes in the domestic market in India and international markets.

Gold Prices & Rates FAQs

Why Does Gold Price Changes Daily?

The price of gold fluctuates in the market due to a combination of different economic, social, and even political factors. While some of the factors are known to all, there are many others which many of us are not aware of.

What Does One Ounce Gold Means?

One ounce means 28.3495231 grams, so one ounce gold equals to 28.3495231 grams of gold. Ounce as a weight unit is accepted by United States and countries of the ‘Commonwealth Nations’ with India being one of them. The term ounce is hardly used in India for measuring quantity of gold, Indians prefer using the term tola to measure quantity of gold.

What Does One Tola Gold Means?

‘Tola’, ‘tolah’ or ‘tole’ is a Hindi word used in the local Indian market referring to the quantity of gold. In the current market one tola gold is considered to be 10 grams of gold.

What Is The Difference Between Karat And Carat?

Karat is a measure associated with purity of gold with 24 karat or 24K being the purest form of gold. While, carat is the term used for measuring weight of a gem or precious stone with one carat being equivalent to 200 milligrams.

Why Gold Jewellery Cannot Be Made In 24 Karat Pure Gold?

Gold is a soft metal and has to be hardened to make jewellery out of it which is wearable and durable (doesn’t break easily) as well. Gold is generally mixed with silver, copper to add strength to the metal. As other metal is mixed with 24 karat pure gold the purity of gold decreases from 24 to 23 karat, 22 karat and so on depending on your requirement and type of jewellery to be made.

Why Is Gold Rate In India Given In Rupees Per 1 Gram Or In Rupees Per 10 Grams?

Gold is precious and very expensive because of which trading is usually done in small quantities. In India, gold is mainly used in making jewellery but it is also bought as an investment in the form of gold coins or gold bars and are generally available in 1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams and 20 grams weight variants. 10 grams gold is also popularly known as one tola gold in India which is a popular term among jewellers.